Coronavirus. Covid-19. Pandemic. Fear of illness and even death has become a side effect of the latest viral outbreak. An important first step to take is to accept that the coronavirus is real and is serious, but that by following the precautionary measures, we can make it through these tough times.

Of course, social activities are at a standstill, and many conversations revolve around bottled water and toilet paper, but there are options available to help maintain both your physical and psychological health. First off, limit the amount of time you spend watching the latest news reports, which can be extremely depressing. Then try a holistic approach by planning different activities during each day. Start with a little exercise (but always remember, you are looking for a breath of fresh air and not a breath of a coronavirus, so social distancing is a must). But, go outdoors and move; a slow walk, or a quick run can refresh the soul. Read a book, any book, academic or a free online ebook, take an adventure and read something you never thought you would be interested in. Call your friends. Do a group conversation. Create a group text with friends. Don’t know how? Google it and learn something new. You and your friends can stay “in touch” (pun intended) and have some fun conversations or just send emojis. Make plans for the summer. Listen to music. Pop popcorn. Ride a bike, or grab some sidewalk chalk and create inspiring images or notes for others in your neighborhood. Do your homework (well, that does have to fit in somewhere). Get your favorite fast food munchie. And, when the day is done, sit down with your family and enjoy a movie.A wise man once said “This too shall pass,” and plugging forward in any way possible during these difficult times is the wisest move to make.

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