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AB 375 Vetoed! By Linda Chan

Governor Newsom had until October 10, 2021, to sign or veto bills. In a last-minute decision, he vetoed AB 375 by Assembly member Jose Medina (a former part-time instructor from Riverside). “This bill increases the maximum amount of instructional hours that a part-time community college faculty member may teach at any one community college district” from the current 67% of a full-time load to 85%. He stated that “this bill would create significant ongoing cost pressures on the state and community college districts, potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars” based on the assessment made by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

In the analysis made by the Senate Appropriations Committee several statements were made that were not true. 

Statement #1: “The Chancellor’s Office estimates that this bill could result in up to $440 million in ongoing Proposition 98 General Fund costs each year for community college districts to offer health insurance benefits to part-time faculty.”

This statement assumed that all 40,000+ part-time faculty would be teaching the full 85%. This is not true. There are many part-time faculty who choose to teach 20%, 40% or even the 67% due to other commitments and choose not to teach more. Also, there are several districts who continue to offer their part-time faculty no more than a 40% load. This 85% is a maximum and not a requirement to elevate all part-timers to 85% of a full-time load.

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Are you taking full advantage of your union membership to keep money in your wallet? As a member of the Citrus College Adjunct Faculty Federation (CCAFF) you also hold membership in California Teachers Federation (CFT) and the American Teachers Federation (AFT). These memberships allow you to take part in the Union Plus Membership Perks Plan, otherwise known as Abenity.

Abenity has multiple connections to things that we use daily: phone discounts, groceries, auto buying, appliance purchases, as well as many other areas which might interest you. All these come with discounts greater than those that might be offered through either AAA or AARP.

Take a few minutes to log into to start your journey. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised to see all the possibilities you have for stretching your dollars. Once you get to the Abenity area, register to take advantage of what they have to offer and take a minute or two to see their welcome video.

Many of the savings come from places where we would normally do business: Amazon, Costco, Best Buy, just to name a few. There is even a section where you can find ways to “Save $25,” and you are also able to find printable grocery coupons which you can download and take to the store with you as you pick up your weekly groceries.

Be proactive and make your union membership work for you. Log in today – I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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