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The Corporate Democrats are Blind


Corporate Democrats are the Democrats that take money from and listen to the rich people who are the leaders of the hyper-capitalist system. The brilliant glare of easy money makes them unable to properly see the landscape ahead of them. They miscalculated the political mood in 2015 and nominated Hillary Clinton, despite evidence that showed she was extremely unpopular. Hillary depressed voter turnout just enough to give us Donald Trump. They mishandled Donald Trump and now they are united behind Joe Biden, a man who was so unpopular, that despite his prominent position in the months leading to Iowa, was on life support after the first three elections. This is the same kind of thinking that made them pick Hillary and unable to deal with the Lier-in-Chief.

Trump is clearly the worst president possible, but he is still more popular than most corporate democrats. They have civil rights heroes who take money from and shill for the capitalist system. Nothing could be so ugly. Since Trump was so bad, they should have begun the impeachment process early, but instead, they dragged it out, waiting for an “I got you moment.” Then when they got Ukraine, they selected a narrow focus in order to get it done as soon as possible, in time for the election. This was wrong from the beginning for a couple of important reasons.

First, Trump should have been impeached for committing high crimes and misdemeanors. A recent article by the Atlantic, entitled “The Common Misconceptions about High Crimes and Misdemeanors,” shows that there is no mystery about what it means. It was commonly used by Parliament for 300 years before the U.S. Constitution was written, to remove high office holders for everything from, deviating from expected norms, to corruption and crimes. Starting after the mid-term victory, the Democrats should have detailed the high crimes and misdemeanors of the president as much as possible through thorough investiations. The Republicans have been unable to admit that the President has done anything wrong, and a long process where each attack against the Constitution was detailed would have helped to remedy this. It would have educated the public in the year before the election and help them to decide how to vote.

They should have investigated Trump’s massive violation of the emoluments clause of the Constitution. The House of Representatives should have launched a thorough investigation of how Trump violated campaign finance law when he paid hush money from his campaign to keep Stormy Daniels quiet. Trump has openly tampered with and intimidated witnesses over the last few years. Then there is the troubling connection of Trump to Russia. He acts so much in their favor that I was amazed the Mueller did not wait until he got the financial records from Deutsche Bank. Trump’s long-time biographer, Michael D’Antonio, says that after Trump’s six bankruptcies, only Russian oligarchs backed by Putin would give him money through Deutsche Bank. Further, he said, Trump launders their illegally made money through Deutsche Bank and that the Trump organization runs like an organized crime ring that is subject to the Rico Statutes. Despite its deficiencies, the Mueller Report listed ten examples of the president obstructing justice.

This was all more than enough material to have kept Trump in court indefinitely. But, oh no! They argued that Trump would then get away with stonewalling, and this leads me to my second point:

They should have let him get away with it.

They knew that the Republican Senate would not convict, and Trump would go into the election able to say that he was exonerated. Now Trump is violating norms and assaulting our democratic institutions more than ever, and his approval ratings are rising to new highs.

Good job Democrats! They should have let Trump go into the 2020 election under a massive cloud of damning details of his massive assault on the constitution. Now we are in the election and Bernie Sanders was sailing to the nomination, but oh no! They had to rally behind a dead man and prop him up on stage. The people behind this are obvious sell-outs. Joe Biden was the long-time senator from Delaware; the credit card capital of the world. If we could look to one man the most responsible for 43 million Americans stuck with student loan debt, it would be Joe Biden who shepherded the Bankruptcy Abuse Act of 2006 through Congress, which is exactly why student debt cannot be repudiated! Bernie and Donald are going to make this and many other fatal flaws well known in the coming months. Even if Biden manages to beat Trump, we lose. Can we really trust this guy to help with student debt? Biden is against zero tuition for university, so the debt will continue to mount. This kind of obviously flawed strategy and the corporate Democrat’s repeated betrayal of the people are why the masses are turning to populists like Trump and Sanders. But Trump is a con-artist and the corporate media has destroyed Sanders who was for broadening the impeach investigation, student debt amnesty, and free tuition for all public schools. I don’t blame the people who voted for Biden. They are following the blind leaders, who only excel at looking good.

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