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Citrus College has a procedure in effect for the event of a closure due to a pandemic. These procedures are mandated by Los Angeles County Health, state mandates and federal agencies such as CDC. Click here for AP 3505.

Faculty should be prepared to have other means for delivery of instruction such as the use of Canvas. Be awared there are rumors especially via social media. To date there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus at Citrus. Be aware that the Citrus College Student Health Center does not give out notes for medical excuses (Click here for the Student Health Center Policy on excuse notes.) Be flexible with students who are ill.

The best protection is to wash your hands and avoid touching your face.

Would you like to serve on the CCAFF Executive Board?

You can be nominated or nominate yourself. All of the Executive Board positions are open: President (Linda Chan, incumbent), Vice-President (Anne Battle, incumbent), Secretary (Mark Wessel, incumbent), Treasurer (Bill Zeman, incumbent) and Representation Officer (Laura Wills, incumbent)

The duties and responsibilities of the offices are listed in the By-Laws (look under the Documents tab above for a copy of the By-Laws)

This Spring many districts are entering into negotiations including our own. Citrus College Adjunct Faculty Federation by law is the exclusive bargaining agent for all of the adjunct faculty whether they are members or not. However, the power of any negotiations resides with the willingness of the represented members to support those negotiations. If the bargaining unit members are apathetic then the negotiating team has no power to demand changes in the contract that would improve the working conditions of the unit. The district is under no obligation to bargain more than what is already in the law (Education Code). It is up to the representation to show that they deserve better wages and working conditions. How do you demonstrate those needs? Support your bargaining team by going to union meetings or negotiation team meetings, be willing to go to a Board of Trustees meeting and express your views and be willing to take a job action whether it is wearing a particular color on a particular day, a button or willing to picket.

Speak up and let your voice be heard!!

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  • Union Meeting

    31 January 2020
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  • Part Time and Contract Faculty Conference

    17 April 2020
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    29 May 2020
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    12 June 2020
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    in room CI-237
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