Justice Scalia passed away February 19. Because of Scalia’s passing three things could happen in the Friedrichs case:

  1. The Court is divided 4 to 4 and the case goes to the lower court decision which would be in our favor.
  2. Obama makes a new appointment and could very well go in our favor.
  3. The new President makes the new appointment.

However, according to Jeff Frietas, Secretary-Treasurer CFT, “If Justice Scalia was part of a five-Justice majority in a case – for example, the Friedrichs case, in which the Court was expected to limit mandatory union contributions – the Court is now divided four to four.  In those cases, there is no majority for a decision and the lower court’s ruling stands, as if the Supreme Court had never heard the case.  Because it is very unlikely that a replacement will be appointed this Term, we should expect to see a number of such cases in which the lower court’s decision is “affirmed by an equally divided Court.”

What is important is that we remain vigilant in organizing because the union-busting has not stopped. This is only a temporary “stay of execution” and we now have time to organize and be prepared for what could happen next. Also we need to be proactive in the next presidential race and help elect a President that believes in the middle class and the unions.

Citrus College Adjuncts got a start on the Fall 2015 semester with a visit from Josh Pechthalt, President of California Federation of Teachers. Josh spoke on the importance of education and unionism.

From Left to right: Antonio Anfiteatro, Linda Chan (President, CCAFF), Josh Pechthalt (President, CFT), Laura Wills (Representation Officer), Mark Wessel (CCAFF Secretary) and Anne Battle (CCAFF Vice-President). (Not pictured, Bill Zeman, CCAFF Treasurer.)

See the new 3 minute video  “Robert Reich on why CA should close a dangerous corporate tax loophole”.  Click here

The California Community Colleges Registry is a large scale database containing the names, qualifications and desired position(s) of potential California Community College (CCC) faculty, support staff and management job applicants. The database is utilized by the 72 CCC Human Resources offices, representing the 109 California Community Colleges. This web site provides a number of services for individuals seeking employment as a faculty, support staff or manager at a California Community College. Currently, there are 1155 open jobs in the CCC Registry

Job opening at Citrus — click this link


If you have not been given an assignment (or your assignments have been much reduced during the coming months), you have a right to apply for unemployment insurance benefits. The state budget crisis has resulted in colleges, (including Citrus College), cutting class sections. Part-time faculty who lose some or all of their assignments may be eligible to collect unemployment benefits. You can apply online at www.edd.ca.gov or by phone at (800) 300-5616. Our recommendation is that you don’t bother with phone applications. The numbers of unemployed seeking benefits is extremely high, clogging the phone line and making your successful contact improbable.

Adjuncts are considered “temporary” employees who work without contracts and are not guaranteed continued employment.  If you are not offered an assignment or if your workload is reduced, you can file for unemployment benefits.  The EDD will determine whether you qualify. Continue reading


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